10 Gorgeous Paver Patio Design Ideas

Do you want to elevate your outdoor living space? You are in the right place! We have some awesome (and real!) examples of gorgeous paver patio design ideas. At 7th State Builders, we find paver patios to be a great, affordable way to transform your backyard. They are durable and versatile. With so many design options, you can ensure a perfect design for every aesthetic preference.

So, whether you’re drawn to the sleek lines of modern design or the inviting warmth of rustic charm, the world of paver patio designs awaits!

10 Examples of Real Designs

Say goodbye to dull concrete and hello to fabulous paver patios! Whether hosting a barbecue, a family game night, or just kicking back with friends, these 10-paver patio designs will turn your outdoor space into the ultimate hangout spot. Here are ten gorgeous paver patio design ideas to inspire your outdoor oasis:

1. Bold Contrast & Beautiful Pattern

Just because you have a smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact. Just see this townhouse backyard patio for reference. With a bold border color and a 90-degree herringbone pattern, it is both stunning and practical. There is a lot to love about this paver patio design. We love the fact it complements the HOA-approved brown fence but yet stands out. The curves, bold border, and pattern really make this backyard inviting!

2. Multi-level Entertainment Dream

Looking for a solution for a bigger backyard? We have options for that, too! One of our favorite projects is this multi-level backyard patio that is ideal for entertaining. It still has that bold contrast border detail but with multiple zones. You have a built-in fire pit area, stairs, a retaining wall that couples as seating, and much more. Projects like this help our customers see the potential in paver patio design ideas. Not every homeowner has the same wants, and not every backyard has the same terrain.

3. Neutral Colors & Designated Areas

You might look at the last one and go, I love the designated areas, but it’s too bold. Understood. That is why we are doing this feature, to show you the possibilities. You might love something from one project, but it’s just not quite what you want. This stunning backyard still has multiple zones but with soft grey stones. The color is very popular with our clients. It’s still a visually stunning space without taking away from the backyard view.

4. Defined Zones & Edges

The next paver patio design idea we want to show is how to incorporate a paver patio with your existing home. For this project, you’d never know that this backyard wasn’t part of the original design. With the attached pavilion, it feels like it has always been here. It keeps with the softer tones of the last example but has more definition to the edges. We love this for family-friendly designs. It gives boundaries but also is great for seating and built-in lighting. Overall, it’s just a gorgeous design, if we do say ourselves!

5. Small & Practical

Not all our projects are large and in charge. We often work on smaller backyards such as this townhouse. And unlike our first example, this wasn’t the whole backyard space. This was just under the upper deck and a bump out for a fireplace. It’s simple and effective. When upgrading your home, balancing practicality with personal enjoyment is crucial. For example, this design addresses the practical need to prevent mud or dirt from being tracked indoors by providing a space for kids to play near the backdoor. Additionally, it includes a fire pit—because why not add a touch of enjoyment to the mix?

6. Replacing a Deck Area

Many homeowners we work with aren’t sure how to transition an existing desk to a paver patio design. It might seem simple enough when you see it, but it’s not always easy to envision unless you have some design ideas in mind. In this project, you can see the before and after of just that. In addition, this also has dedicated areas, but they are detached. You will see a pad for a grill, a pergola area, and a central patio with a fire pit. We also love the contrast of the stone and border.

7. Gradient Yard Patio

Another problem we solve, besides deck replacement, is an uneven yard. It’s pretty common, actually. It’s hard to come across a perfectly level backyard, and even if that’s the case, you want a slight gradient to your patio so water doesn’t pool or sit on the surface. This paver patio design is a simple square with a fire put bump out. You’ll see how one side has a slight retaining area while the other side sits more flush to the ground. If the gradient were more drastic, we would recommend a knee wall or a barrier to prevent people from tripping or falling off the patio.

8. Wrap Around Patio

Not all our projects are just the backyard. Some home setups leave a lot of side yard wasted. For this project, we did a wrap-around patio design. It’s designs like this that really allow our creativity to shine. We piece together the wants and needs of our clients to come up with a custom look. Our favorite features are the fire pit seating, the border areas for landscaping, and the privacy fence. You can see how different the before and after are from our picture. It’s definitely an upgrade to the space!

9. Brown & Borders

You’ve seen a lot of dark greys, light natural greys, and black tones. But if you want a look that is giving Tuscany and natural brown, this one definitely fits the bill. The seating areas also act as a great barrier to define the space. You can find more photos of the project in our gallery. While the border gives a nice contrast, we love the natural tones of the stone used. It blends nicely with the surrounding wooded areas. Also, pay attention to the pattern. Its geometric five-stone pattern gives a more randomized look but is still stunning.

10. Waterfront Oasis

Not all backyards are made up of fences or forests. Paver patios are actually an excellent solution for waterfront homes. Wooden decks tend to take more wear and tear the closer they are to the water. You’ll also see how this project gives a great space without taking away from the view. And the design was meant to optimize the enjoyment of the water view as well. With a fire pit and knee wall that can be used for seating, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy your waterfront oasis.

Need More Paver Patio Design Ideas?

Are you ready to turn your backyard dreams into reality? Look no further than 7th State Builders to bring your outdoor oasis to life! Whether you envision a cozy campfire retreat, a vibrant fiesta zone, or a sleek urban escape, our team has the expertise and creativity to make it happen.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let’s begin designing the perfect paver patio for your home. With our attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust 7th State Builders to deliver a stunning outdoor space that you’ll love for years to come.

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