Backyard Patio in Maryland Home

For this backyard patio, the homeowner already had a design in mind. We love working with existing designs as much as we like creating ones. This homeowner had done their research too. They went online, even learned how to design software, and came up with the initial layout! It was very impressive. In the end, when it came to the design, we assisted in making changes to the colors and expanding the size of the patio.

One thing we will say is that we run into this type of home very often. One where it’s not flush with the ground level in the back. Therefore steps are required to reach a patio, usually one a few. However, many homeowners consider doing a low-lying deck instead of a patio. We want to talk briefly about how patios make more sense.

Why a Patio Instead of a Slightly Raised Deck?

For starters, paver patios cost much less than decks. In some cases, you are talking 20% less or more. The main reason is very simple, lumber costs more than stone. And we haven’t met a homeowner yet that hasn’t loved the idea of saving money.

Secondly, decks that are low to the ground tend to rot fast. The moisture, especially from the summer months with Maryland’s humidity, can cause issues with the deck boards. They can warp, rot faster, and be a great home for pests. All problematic in enjoying your outdoor space.

Lastly, which pretty much supports the first two reasons, decks are more maintenance. More maintenance because they are lumber, they do rot, and they weather quicker than paver stones. And that also leads to how paver patios save you money. They last longer and you don’t have to put as much money into maintaining them. So, when choosing between patios vs. a deck, these are important to keep in mind.

Maryland Backyard Patio Finished

Like we said above, this homeowner had done their research. They knew exactly what they wanted. So what you see is pretty much the layout they had already come up with. However, we did work with them on coming up with the scale of the project, the colors, and adding a few enhancements to their original.

Backyard Patio in Maryland

You can see the benches, fire pit, knee walls, and walkway.

For this project, the patio ended up being approximately 625 sq. ft. The stones used were Nicolock, Stone Ridge XL Chesapeake Blend with Cambridge Mocha inlay border, and caps. It included two 18 ft Benches, a fire pit, a 5 ft knee wall, and a 12 ft knee wall. Electrical and lighting were also included in the patio. To see more photos of this project, visit our portfolio page.