Completed Townhouse Paver Patio & Bump Out – From Grass to Great

While we love featuring larger projects, like a poolside pavilion, we still take pride in the smaller ones as well. And for us, townhouses are great spaces to make the most of your backyard living. For starters, many townhouses have smaller backyards. That might seem limiting, but really, it makes it a bit easier to design the perfect space. It also doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple areas with hardscapes and landscaping. If anything, it helps to make the backyard much easier to maintain. So let’s talk specifics of this townhouse paver patio.

The Specifics

Installation isn’t much different when it comes to row homes versus stand-alone houses. Yes, it’s smaller, and yes, many are fenced in. However, many townhouse communities have plenty of space around the complex to set up materials in the back. We were building an under-deck paver patio area and fire pit for this project.

We installed about 276 square feet of patio in total. This included the 11×12 paver patio underneath the existing deck and the 12×12 circular bump out. The bump out also had bench seating and underlighting. The paver patio included a small step off the back door. We used the following Nicolock Pavers:

+ Main Pavers: Stone Ridge, South Bay Blend Multi Size
+ Border Pavers: Stone Ridge, Raven Traditional Style

Looks can be deceiving. While the pictures don’t show it well, the backyard was sloped. We incorporated a bench wall to avoid a drop-off (and potential hazard).

The Results

As you can see, the grass to great is no exaggeration. And what we love most about this low-maintenance backyard is that it still has plenty of room for landscaping. The bump-out area is excellent for eating outdoors, a fire pit, or a play area. The multi-function of this area is great for a smaller backyard.

So if you are looking for a small or larger paver patio, we got you! 7th State Builders works through Maryland in the following counties:

+ Anne Arundel County
+ Calvert County
+ Charles County
+ Prince George’s County
+ St. Mary’s County

Call us today, and we will set up a no-obligation free estimate. However, before we do that, we want to talk to you about what you are looking for so the estimate is exactly what you want. You can also learn more about our other projects on our blog and gallery page.