5 Brilliant Examples of How to Utilize Accent Pavers in Your New Patio

Pavers are one of the most versatile products for backyards. They can define spaces, create more usable spaces, and make your landscaping safer. There are truly endless ways to utilize accent pavers. This article will cover five brilliant accent paver examples to inspire your next backyard project. Whether you want to add one simple feature or redefine your entire space, 7th State Builders can bring your vision to life.

1. Frame Your Fire Pit

A fire pit is an excellent feature for any patio. Fire pits offer a beautiful, natural outdoor gathering place for entertainment or family time, even during cool weather. Consider adding accent pavers to frame your fire pit. Doing so will define the space and can improve the overall flow of your outdoor living area.

The addition of accent pavers can also bring out the features of your fire pit and create a cohesive look. Pavers around the fire pit can also create a barrier between it and your yard. This barrier can keep you safe in case of a stray ember.

2. Define Your Patio

Does it feel like something is missing from your patio? Using pavers to define your space is one of the best accent paver examples. Adding a border or forming a path can complete your patio’s design and make the area flow more naturally.

Suitable pavers can also bring out the natural elements in your backyard and bring new life to your patio. If yours looks a little tired, refinishing it and adding pavers can make it look brand-new. Let the experts at 7th State Builders help you reimagine your existing patio.

3. Connect Your Patio to Other Features

Another great way to utilize accent pavers is to use them as connectors to other spaces. Backyards with several distinct spots can often feel disjointed and unnatural to guests. Using pavers to connect spaces can instantly create a natural flow and make the area feel more usable. Other backyard features you can connect to your patio may include:

  • Pool
  • Fountain
  • Fire pit
  • Separate seating area
  • Garden
  • Game space

The expert designers at 7th State Builders can help you create a design that perfectly fits your space and needs.

4. Expand Seating Areas

Pavers are versatile outdoor items because you can use them for function and design. A great way to blend these two mediums is to use pavers to expand your seating areas. There’s no need for dull concrete slabs. Instead, pavers offer endless patterns and designs that can meaningfully and stylishly expand your seating area. Whether you want to add space for a few extra chairs, or an entire lounge area, pavers can create the space you need.

5. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Accent pavers are not just limited to ground uses. You can stack them into almost any shape, including an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are one of the most luxurious features you can add to your backyard. You can add a simple block to hold your grill or build out a full-scale kitchen, complete with cooking and prep space. There’s nothing like hosting a cookout outdoors and making the most of your outdoor living space.

Trust 7th State Builders to Utilize Accent Pavers in Your New Patio

Expanding your patio and backyard space is a fantastic investment in your home. A functional backyard space can help you earn top dollar if you decide to sell your home. But a well-designed backyard space can significantly expand your living area even if you are already in your forever home.

7th State Builders can help bring any patio design vision to life. We’re happy to share our past work and inspire you with accent paver examples. So call us today to get started.