Must-See Outdoor Entertainment Patio Area – Before & After

When we initially met with this Maryland homeowner, we went to talk about their basement. That transitioned into discussing their backyard. They had considered doing a small patio but, upon further discussion, decided to go with a large outdoor entertainment patio area. Since they had plenty of real estate in their backyard, it really would take advantage of the space. And when you have a large area like this, why not make the most of it?

Changing The Big Barren Backyard

It’s not uncommon for newer homes to have large backyards with no landscaping. This is intentional. Many homeowners want different things. Some want gardens, and others might want a deck or maybe even a pool. However, more often than not, the best investment is a patio. Why? You can always add a garden or landscaping. A deck has to be replaced eventually and has more maintenance, like a pool. And the costs of a patio are typically lower than comparable options. For this backyard, the possibilities were endless.

Ultimately, the homeowner decided to include the following:

+ Paver patio approx. 1300 sq. ft. with corner knee wall.
+ Bump out with wood burning fire pit with knee wall.
+ 12×12 pergola with stone column base and knee wall.
+ Paver pad for generator and connecting walkways.

Not everyone wants to know all the gritty details. However, some homeowners like seeing pictures and saying that is what they want their patio to look like. So, for those of you curious, here are the materials we used:

+ Paver Patio: Nicolock Holland Stone, Westchester Blend
+ Patio Border: Inlay Style Border, Rustico 6×6
+ Pergola: White Shoreline Vinyl with Veneer Stone & Cinder Block Base Columns

This also included eight stair lights, eight wall lights, and 2 column lights. Electrical installation was needed for these.

Outdoor Entertainment Patio Area After Results

You probably just scrolled on down to see these, so without further ado… Here is how this outdoor entertainment patio area turned out. Make sure to click to view a larger image.

The homeowners were thrilled with their large outdoor entertainment patio area. And honestly, we love the versatility of the space created. It’s a great addition to their home to allow them to enjoy their backyard. With every patio project, we love how each homeowner customizes it to their home. Of course, we help with design, building, and suggesting finishing details.

To see more pictures of this project, visit our gallery. You can see some construction photos and more up-close images of the finished project. If you are interested in getting started on an outdoor entertainment patio area of your own, give us a call! It’s an easy process to get an estimate and see the potential of your backyard. Our goal is to provide superior quality and professional and efficient customer service. 7th State Builders is a Maryland-owned and operated small business. We serve Anne Arundel, Calvert, St. Mary’s, Charles, and PG Counties. Contact us today