5 Hardscape Features for a Beautiful and Easy to Maintain Yard

Hardscape features include almost every sort of practical or decorative structure in a landscape. Fences, benches, patios, and driveways are hardscape features ‌many homes use for their practicality. Hardscape features can also ‌create a beautiful and easy-to-maintain yard.

Clever Hardscape Features

Outdoor living spaces are both functional and beautiful. Adding living spaces in your yard extends the area of your home and takes the inside, outdoors. The warm months in Maryland are ideal for outdoor living. They encourage entertaining, leisure time with the family and much-needed relaxation after a busy day.

1.   Paver Patios

A stone or paver patio with a built-in fire pit, barbecue, or seating is the perfect entertaining area. You can incorporate large pots of flowers to extend your garden area while keeping it low-maintenance and beautiful. A stone patio is ideal for even a small yard. Add an outdoor table and chairs, or try some sun chairs with cushions. Low-maintenance shrubs and plants surrounding the paved area create an idyllic backyard.

Hardscape Features - Stairs

Having a hardscape doesn’t mean you don’t have greenery. You can incorporate both, like this staircase, into an existing garden.

2.   Wooden Decks

The beauty of a deck is that it can remain open, enclosed, or roofed. It’s up to you and how you want to use the space. For example, a deck overlooking your garden is a tranquil space that encourages relaxation. A deck fitted with a barbecue area or a fire pit and built-in seating extends living space beyond your home. Enclosed decks and porches are also a great space for kids to play and spread out.

3.   Pavilions

If you have a large backyard and want to add a hardscape feature that is beautiful and practical, a pavilion is perfect. A pavilion can transform a space in your yard into something extraordinary. The possibilities are endless, from an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue to a television nook with comfortable lounges. You can enclose a pavilion or leave the sides open. Add a built-in fireplace and pizza oven so that you can also use the pavilion on cooler nights.

Hardscape Features

Hardscaping can help maintain small backyards while not taking away from the beauty of living space.

4.   Walkways

Stone or paver paths and walkways are a great addition to any yard. They help define garden areas, entice you in, and create separate zones. Landscape lighting and lush flower beds or plants add to the tranquility.

5.   Private Gardens

City-dwellers and homeowners with small yards don’t have to miss out on beautiful hardscape features. A small, private garden can be created by erecting a tall, stylish fence with built-in seating and crawling plants. A small courtyard with a tall fence and a paved area with pots of flowers will transform your yard.

Tips for Choosing Hardscape Features

Hardscape features create a beautiful and easy yard to maintain, but they also add value to your home. Hardscape features are an investment into your home and‌ your well-being. Potential buyers seek features such as patios and pavilions. Hardscape features add value to your home and lifestyle, so how do you choose what is best?

Start by considering how much space you have and how you want to use that space. A patio, deck, or pavilion is ideal if you want extra outdoor living space. If you have a large yard with an existing patio, add stone paths or walkways to enhance the natural beauty. An inner-city townhouse with a small courtyard is ideal for a private garden. Each of these hardscape features adds value and beauty to your yard.

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