Outdoor entertaining space adds a lot of value to your home, both in terms of resale and enjoyment. Having the right patio design can help you optimize your outdoor living space. And you have options. At 7th State Builders, we are experts in assisting homeowners in figuring out what patio materials are suitable for them. In addition, we consider maintenance, budgets, longevity, and the overall look. The two primary choices in patio design come down to two: patio pavers or concrete. Learn more below about what might work best for your backyard.

Patios - Outdoor Pavers Patio With Four Wicker Chairs
Laying Patio Pavers
curved low angle brick paver driveway with mulch pile


Every homeowner has their own unique needs and expectations for their backyard patio. So, let’s break it down by the main factors of patio design:

Cost– Let’s get down to brass tax because at the end of the day, that is what everyone wants to know. How much? Well, it’s not an easy answer. It depends on the look you are going for overall. Patio pavers are going to be more of an investment upfront. But like all investments, you have to see the bigger picture. Overall they cost less in terms of repairs and maintenance.

Maintenance – This is where patio pavers become a popular option. Unlike concrete slabs, you can easily replace that one section if one cracks. They also don’t need to be sealed or treated over time. And in Maryland, especially the closer you are to the water, you can get permeable pavers. They are a great solution to hardscape without harming the environment.

Longevity – The main take away isn’t that patio pavers necessary last longer than concrete, but they are easily replaced. It is also easier to expand the space over time. So if you want to start simple and add on later, patio pavers are a great way to go.

Appearance – Again, this all depends on preference. However, patio pavers give a look of elegance that sometimes isn’t achievable with a concrete slab. Not to mention, there are so many styles and color choices. You can make walkways, bonfire pits, patios, and more.

At the end of the day, it is genuinely about your preference. What will you enjoy spending your time on? If you still aren’t clear on the best option for you, contact us today. We can show you the options out there with no obligation. Already have something in mind? Great. Get start today!


Concrete sidewalk and patiosAre you looking for a patio, driveway, or flooring? We have you covered. 7th State Builders can get any size job done quickly and correctly. And while many people think they can save money doing it themselves, there is a lot to consider before you do so.

First, preparation. It’s important to make sure the land you are pouring on is stable and prepped correctly. If not done right, it can create air pockets or crack the concrete. There are also other things to consideration: slope, rainfall, permits, etc. All of these are things we take care of for you.

Secondly, tools and time. Okay, so these are actually two things, but they are related. If you don’t have the right tools, it will take you more time to get the look and quality you want. 7th State Builders has a whole team dedicated to making sure it is designed, framed, poured, and completed to our high standards. We also have all the professional tools to make the process go quickly.

In the end, concrete is already a cheaper choice for most hardscapes than paver patios. Take the time to get a professional to look at what you need and if it makes sense to hire. We are happy, with no obligation, to talk to you about your next project. Contact us today.