Multi-Functional Entertainment Patio

Blanks slates are kinda our thing. Where most see empty land and grass for days, we see the potential. And this home was no different. The backyard was barren. Well, it had grass but nothing else. Funny enough, we didn’t even meet with the homeowner about the backyard. You can learn more about this large entertainment patio in our blog breakdown. It gets more into the details.

However, if you are a picture person – see below the before, during, and after images. You can also view more pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. These are great for inspiration and to see the quality of our work across many Maryland homes.

Overall, this project turned out beautifully. The area did need some minor slope adjustments to make this level and drain off water correctly. Connecting the basement stairwell and driveway was important to the homeowner. Electrical was also included in the installation of the knee wall, stairs, and column lights. As always, if you like what you see and want to see something similar in your backyard, contact us today!