5 Awesome Additions and How They Add Value

We have talked a lot about remodels lately. However, if you have the house the way you like and are just looking for more space, you might want to consider an addition instead. This isn’t just a great way to add space, it can also add value to your home. So, we want to discuss some awesome additions and how they add value to your home.

1. Finish Your Basement

Awesome Additions - Basement

Adding a bedroom in the basement can add value to your home. However, bedrooms have codes. Make sure you are meeting the standards that classify a room as a bedroom.

First, let’s talk basements. So, technically this isn’t an addition and does fall more under renovations. However, when we are talking about an unfinished basement, it might as well be an addition. If you have no flooring, insulations, walls, etc. – you are starting from scratch. Because of the work and budget needed for a project like this, we are including it in our awesome additions.

BENEFITS: This doesn’t just add space; it could add an entirely different area of your home. The great part about finishing off a basement is you really can make it into anything you want. You can add extra storage, have an entertainment space, or even a work area. It’s a blank slate.

VALUE: Finishing a basement can give you a return on investment of 70-75%, on average. If you are particularly looking to add value, consider adding a bedroom and bathroom to the basement. These have the most significant return on investments when finishing your basement.

2. Expand Your Kitchen

Now, this is a real home addition, and it is also a remodel. If your kitchen isn’t big enough for your lifestyle, consider expanding the space. Out of every place in the home, many people want more space in their kitchens. Often it isn’t just an addition though; with more space, many homeowners decide to do a kitchen remodel too.

BENEFITS: When you have the additional square footage, you can design the kitchen of your dreams. Expanding the kitchen allows you to entertain more or have larger family gatherings. This is an excellent option for those who love to cook and do a lot of baking. Let’s get those double ovens!

VALUE: Honestly, while it does add value, it doesn’t have as big of an ROI as smaller remodels. Therefore, we recommend that if you are going with a full kitchen addition, it is something you want to at least enjoy for the next couple of years. Also, make sure you stick to a budget.

3. Add a Bathroom

Awesome Additions - Bathroom

Want that master bathroom you have always dreamed of? Make it happen with a bathroom addition!

This is the most popular addition. You could add a half bath to the main floor for guests. Or, you could add an on-suite for the master if you don’t already have one.

BENEFITS: This is about comfort. Some townhouses might not have a bathroom on the main floor. So, adding a half bath is convenient. Maybe you are over sharing a bathroom with the kids. Whatever reason, it comes down to creature comforts.

VALUE: Many times these add value because of the convenience. If you are trying to sell in the next few years, adding a bathroom can help. Especially if you only have 1 or 1.5 baths. New homeowners don’t want the expense of adding a new bathroom.

4. Build a Sunroom

There are a few ways you can accomplish creating a sunroom. You can enclose an existing patio/deck. Or, you can just make an addition. What you just need to decide is the type of sunroom you want. Luckily for you, we have already hashed this out on a previous blog. So, once you read that and know what you want, you can make a better decision.

BENEFITS: As Marylanders, we love the outdoors. However, summers can be a killer. And, it isn’t just the heat. The bugs are ready to eat us alive. Having a sunroom allows you to enjoy the outdoors without all the hassle.

VALUE: Depending on what type of sunroom you decide on, this adds square footage to your home. It also adds entertainment space. Home Advisor estimates that your home value will increase to about half of what a sunroom costs.

5. Bump-Out Addition Anywhere

Separate from a full kitchen addition or sunroom, think about doing a bump-out. For example, a walk-in closet, kitchen breakfast nook, or laundry room. Think of them as mini additions. They aren’t massive additions but can make a significant impact.

BENEFITS: This might be more in budget and still give you some extra space. It could be the difference between a walk-in closet or not. Bump-outs allow you to add that little extra space without a full addition.

VALUE: This is really up to you, and the value-added really depends on what bump-out you want to do. First, determine if this is to help sell the home or because you want to make your home more livable. That will help you figure out the best bump-out for you.

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