White Bathroom Remodel in Newburg, Maryland (Cont.)

One of 7th State Builder’s latest projects was a significant home improvement project in Newburg, Maryland. The one-month renovation involved an office and closet addition on the home, as well as a master bathroom remodel. Learn more about the details of the white bathroom remodel below, and get inspired for your next remodeling project!

White bathrooms, with elements of warm colors, are a popular choice for many homeowners as they offer endless advantages. Not only does the warm-cool color contrast have an elegant, clean appearance, but it also opens up the room. Thus, giving the elusion of additional square footage in a small space. Not to mention, when designed correctly, a white bathroom serves as a timeless, blank canvas and a tranquil landscape in any home.

7th State’s Project Renovations

In addition to the office and closet addition, the Newburg homeowners were interested in a complete master bathroom renovation. The project involved a new wall tile, featuring large white Subway tiles with accent marble and stone mosaic tile. In addition, 7th State laid a new floor tile using a large format slate imitation porcelain tile. We also installed a large 6ft x 3ft soaker tub and a large 8 ft shower with a custom bench and shower door. Then, a recessed wall niche, or a floating shelf, was built into the interior of the shower. Finally, Schluter edging brush nickel was used to finish and protect the tile edges where the tile was installed.

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