Home Renovation in Newburg, Maryland

The allure of a freshly remodeled home will always remain in style. From a wood deck installation to a new bathroom addition, the perfect time to start your much-anticipated project is right now. Speaking of remodels, one of 7th State’s latest projects was a significant home improvement project in Newburg, Maryland. The custom home renovation took one month to complete and the results are beyond belief. Find out more about the project below.

Before Photos

home renovation back porch

Blueprints outline the plans to transform the back porch into a walk-in closet and office room.

Home Renovation in Newburg, Maryland - Before

This is the existing structure of how the house and porch looked.

The Renovations

Anxious to create the home of their dreams, the homeowners had a plan of attack in mind. Overall, they desired more storage space and an updated look within certain areas of the home. The homeowner’s central goals involved a larger master bedroom, the addition of several rooms, and more. Throughout the month-long project, 7th State Builders fulfilled the following renovations:

  • Build a bump-out office and a walk-in closet addition on the back porch.
  • Turn a spare bedroom into the master bathroom. This also included enlarging the master bedroom.
  • Remodel the master bathroom. The renovation entails adding more walk-in space, as well as a new walk-in shower and tub.
  • Cut out a window to create a door leading from the master bedroom.

After Photos

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