This is an Awesome New Deck + Front Porch in Maryland

We aren’t trying to toot our own horn, but the homeowners of this Sunderland Maryland house are very pleased with their new deck, front porch, and screened-in back porch. Yes, you heard that right, all of them were updated. Updating them all at once allow for a consistent look to the home. Learn more about what we did to update their outdoor space. To see larger images, click on the photos.

The New Deck + Screened-in Porch

Let’s start with the backyard first. This was a major overhaul. While they had the existing structure of the deck and screened-in porch, it was in need of updating. Without proper maintenance, wood decking just doesn’t have the longevity many homeowners need. 7th State Builders had to remove all the existing wood, reframe it, and rebuild it.

To avoid the need to do this in the near future, we recommended the homeowners go with composite decking. We specifically used WOLF composite decking. It’s a much lower maintenance decking that repels moisture. Composite decking also is more durable and moisture resistant.

We also installed vinyl railings, vinyl latticework around the bottom of the deck, and AZEK trim. The white made the deck color pop. Also, to give it a complete finished look, we used hidden fasteners. The boards were rand perpendicular to the house in order to use full-length boards. This allowed for no seams and a clean look.

For the screened-in porch and stairs, we demoed the porch railings, screens, and trim down to the framing. We then wrapped the entire screen porch with new pet-friendly screens. This was trimmed out with custom AZEK trim and moldings to match the lower deck. New vinyl railings were also installed.

Front Porch

New Front Porch After Image

The front porch was brought to life with the bright trim and clean new look.

Comparability, the front porch was a much easier project. However, all the wood still needed to be removed and the porch reframed. The composite decking was installed. We also installed the same vinyl railings, vinyl lattice, and AZEK trim. The AZEK trim is not only a clean look, but the beautiful semi-white finish means no painting (although you can if you want to). It is also durable and easy to clean.

In addition to all of the above, we also used treated lumber for framing, and solar lighting caps on the vinyl railings on the new deck. It’s the details, both in the design and looks, that matter us.

If you are looking to update your home’s look, contact us today. New decks and front porches are not only great for your enjoyment but a great investment to your home. 7th State Builders is a Maryland-based company that is locally owned and operated. We understand the needs of Maryland homeowners with over 20 years of home improvement experience. Not sure where to start? Fill out our easy to use online quote form.