New Pressure-Treated Wood Deck in Chesapeake Beach

‘Tis the season for new decks. From improving old decks to building brand new ones, summer and fall are a perfect time to do a deck project. For this Chesapeake Beach home, the same was true. The homeowners felt it was time to add a much needed back deck to enjoy the outdoors. 7th State Builders constructed a new pressure-treated wood deck. Find out more about the project below.

The Requirements

The homeowners wanted a back deck that matched the style of their home. However, a few things that the project had to take into consideration:

  • While the deck was technically off the back of the first floor, the house was on a gradient. The deck would actually need to be built to match the first floor but look like a second-story deck.
  • The homeowners still wanted access to the deck from the backyard. That meant building steps since the land was on a slope.
  • We needed to keep a proper clearance for the air conditioning unit. Since it wouldn’t be moving, we need to maintain the required distance for proper airflow.
  • Handrails needed to be low maintenance and not needing painting every year and the overall deck needed to maintain within their budget.

Due to all of the above, we decided to move forward with new pressure-treated wood deck with aluminum railings.

The Materials

We started with pressure-treated wood. While some people choose composite materials, they can be initially very expensive. It is important to not use regular wood. Pressure-treated wood is infused with chemical preservatives. This helps protect the wood again rot and insects. It can still be painted or stained. However, you need to let it sit and dry for a while first. Painting or staining too soon, won’t let it adhere properly. That is why you see the deck as naked right now.

While they went with a basic material for the deck surface, that was not the case for the railings. Pre the requirements, they wanted low maintenance railings. If anyone has ever had wooden railings, you know it can be a lot of work to paint every year. Aluminum railings are durable, affordable, and low maintenance. They are not heavy and are naturally strong. No need to paint. It is recommended they are cleaned at least once a year. All of that and they really look great too!

Looking for a New Deck?

If you are, we can help! 7th State Builders is a locally owned and operated Maryland company. We pride ourselves in understanding our neighbor’s needs. We live here too, so we know what works best in our climate and similarly built homes. Not sure what you want? We can assist you with that too. Our team has great solutions to whatever you need. Contact us today and check us out on Home Advisor.