How to Choose the Right Sunroom for Your Home

With summer upon us, it’s natural to want to enjoy the sunshine outdoors. However, while living in Maryland, the summers often come with some cons. Bugs and humidity to be specific. Now, if bugs are your only concern, you might want to consider a screened-in porch. But, if you are looking for a bit more, there are different types of sunrooms that can help solve both problems. Keep reading below to see what sunroom is right for your home. First, let’s get into the details of what qualifies as a sunroom.

What is a Sunroom?

Sunrooms have various names. Solariums, garden rooms, Florida rooms, sun porches, etc. No matter what you call it though, it’s basically a versatile place that allows lots of natural light in. Historically, these were a luxury room before electric lights and heat were available to the everyday home. Today, they are a throwback luxury of sorts.

Nowadays, sunrooms are usually defined by lots of windows or glass walls. It is considered an indoor/outdoor living area. However, there are different versions of a sunroom you might want to consider. Even before that though, many homeowners want to know: Is it worth it? The return on investment for a sunroom is around 49%. That is if you are strictly looking at the numbers. What the ROI doesn’t give you is the quality of life. How will adding a sunroom add value to your lifestyle? Let’s dig a bit deeper into the different types of sunrooms and try to answer that.

Three-Season Sunroom

Three-Season Sunroom

Let the sunshine in! Three-season sunrooms are great for entertaining Spring to Fall.

These are designed to be used during, you guessed it, three seasons. Spring, Summer, and Fall. Typically these are great for mild weather. And, if you live in Maryland, I am not sure that is how you would define our weather. Three-season sunrooms are not insulated or air-conditioned. They use the sun in colder months to heat the room and fans in the warmer months to help circulate the air. So, if you are looking for an all-year room, this isn’t it.

Still, it is the more economical alternative. If you already have a porch but would like to have more coverage and protection from bugs, this might be your choice. It can provide a nice relief from the sun in summer, and keep you from being eaten alive. Many people use these rooms as extended living rooms or extra entertainment space. So, no matter what you use it for, it gives you just that – space.

Four-Season Sunroom

Four Season Sunroom

Having a room you can use year-round has many benefits, from watching TV to eating dinner. You get the sunlight and scenery without any of the inconveniences.

Knowing what a three-season sunroom is, it’s not hard to figure out what a four-season sunroom means. It’s year-round. These rooms are insulated and can be hooked up to the house’s heating and air conditioning systems. Although, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, people opt for single split A/C systems for the summer and built-in fireplaces for the winter. The major difference is it contains sufficient insulation.

Still surrounded by windows, it’s a great place to enjoy the scenery around you, especially in extreme weather. Four-season rooms feel more like an additional room in the house. It can be a great space for an office or a living room. And, since you can use it year-round, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, this also can be more appealing to potential buyers.

Is it Right For You?

Well, if you are looking for more space that protects you from the elements and can be used throughout the year, yes. If you aren’t concerned with bugs, and only want extra space when you entertain, then maybe not. It’s really about your lifestyle. 7th State Builders can help you decide, too. We are happy to work with you on an estimate that works within your budget for any additions.