The Most Popular Paver Patio Features and Materials Used in 2022

It might not come as any surprise that investment in paver patios and outdoor space is at an all-time high. We have found that homeowners are really looking to update their outdoor spaces. Either make better use of their backyard or extend their outdoor living space. Since we have done our fair share of paver patios, we wanted to talk about popular paver patio features and materials. Let’s see what they are and why homeowners keep requesting them!

Popular Paver Patio Features

Nowadays, pavers are being used in more innovative ways than ever. From defining spaces to creating functional works of art, pavers can add a lot to a space. They are also very customizable. Here are some popular features we continue to see requested.

Built-In Fire Pit

Be it at an actual pit or a dedicated circular area, fire pits are a near must-have for all paver patios. I mean, this is Maryland, after all, and we love being outdoors. The smell of the wood burning, the marshmallows roasting, and a cold beer in our hands. There just isn’t anything like enjoying a nice fire in the backyard (as long as it’s contained).

We have done some waterfront fire pits, small fire pits, fire bit bump outs, and more! Fire pits can act as a gathering place or simply create a nice ambiance for the space. And this usually brings us to our next most popular feature, the knee walls.

Knee High Walls

This is a stand-alone feature because you don’t need a fire pit to have them. However, most homeowners with a fire pit area choose to add them. The knee-high walls, or sitting walls, offer a simple yet effective way to frame your patio or better define a space. You can place a sitting wall around your patio or install multiple walls in separate areas of your yard or garden.

You can find many examples of how knee-high walls are used in paver patios on our gallery page. And even though we note this as second to fire pits, they are actually just as popular. Not only does it provide seating, but it can also help in gradient/sloping backyards to help complete the look.

Accent Lighting

When it comes to knee-high walls, we also recommend this feature as well. Accent lighting can totally transform an outdoor space. But it isn’t exclusive to sitting walls. Lighting can be placed on stairs and along landscaping as well. However, there’s a big difference between hanging up a string of lights and investing in professionally installed accent lighting.

Professionally installed lighting includes running electrical and creating a permanent fixture. Accent lighting can accentuate your existing paver patio features and bring a space to life. Lighting can also improve functionality and allow you to enjoy your space even after the sun goes down.

Accent Paver Borders

While this isn’t a truly functional feature, it is common for how clean it looks. Adding a simple contrasting border (in color or position of the paver) can create a well-defined space. And since you have more paver choices than ever, the options are endless. This means that even though this is a common feature, your patio can still look one-of-a-kind.

Using accent pavers can really give that extra touch of luxury and bring your patio from great to amazing.

Pergolas & Pavilions

Sometimes, an outdoor space can still look a bit incomplete, even after adding furniture and landscaping elements. One popular way to fill out an outdoor space is by adding a pergola or pavilion. Both can add a luxurious and relaxing element to your space. In addition, it adds sun cover and creates a defined area for lounging or dining.

You typically will find these in patios by a pool or tucked in a corner. They are also a great way to add additional privacy to your backyard space or cover an outdoor kitchen.

Popular Paver Patio Materials

Now that you know the popular features let’s talk what about the materials typically used when making a paver patio. (Pavers, of course!) But did you know they are lots of options? Deciding what paver material is right for your patio is one of the most important choices you can make for your outdoor space.

  1. Versailles Travertine – This continues to be a top choice among homeowners due to its unique texture and high-end look. This material has natural travertine markings and creates a flat surface perfect for outdoor living areas like patios.
  2. Old Town Flagstone – One of the most versatile paver materials due to its many size and color options. Homeowners can order old town flagstones in different dimensions, thicknesses, and colors to create a truly unique patio look.
  3. Natural Cleft Flagstone – For a polished yet natural-looking texture, you can’t go wrong with natural cleft flagstone. You can buy an entire patio pack or purchase pieces individually, making this material versatile and easy to work with.

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