Why Hardscape Lighting is Important to Your Backyard Design

Hardscapes are a fantastic way to update your backyard and use your outdoor spaces. From extra entertainment areas to relaxing oases, hardscapes can really be a game changer for your home. Hardscape lighting is one of the most popular features we see in paver patio designs. This is built-in electrical, not just cheap plastic lights. Here are three main benefits of incorporating hardscape lighting into your next backyard design.

#1 Hardscape Lighting Makes the Most of Your Outdoor Living Areas

Many unique elements can go into any backyard design. First, of course, you have the patio itself. The right patio can be stunning in its own right, with gorgeous patio pavers in unique designs. You also have elements like fire pits and outdoor furniture that turn the patio into an outdoor living space. However, you need the right lighting to make the best use of this outdoor living space.

For one thing, you’ll want to be able to see if you use the space after dark. A wide range of hardscape lighting options can provide great visibility. (And this is especially helpful during Daylight Savings in Maryland when it gets dark at noon. Okay, like 5 PM, but it feels like noon.)

You also want to maintain the aesthetic of your hardscape. That’s why you should always choose high-quality permanent lighting fixtures. You can find the perfect match to craft the ideal outdoor living space for your unique style.

#2 Create a Stunning Backyard Design With Build-in Ambiance

Your patio, fireplace, and other hardscape elements aren’t just functional. They’re also beautiful. The proper hardscape lighting also helps set the ambiance you’re looking for in your backyard. You can make your patio the place to be with adequate hardscape lighting. You can create the perfect environment for entertaining friends into the evening.

By working with the right team of professionals, you can find the perfect backyard design. The placement, style, and type of lighting used can completely change the look of your hardscape. Backyard design experts like us can help you optimize the impact of your lighting selection for a stunning backyard.

You can use hardscape lighting to highlight specific features, accent others, and provide a unique ambiance. The options available are incredibly versatile, allowing your unique style to shine. You can make your backyard the envy of the whole neighborhood with the right hardscape lighting.

#3 Keep Your Backyard More Secure and Safe at Night

Outdoor lighting serves an essential role in keeping your home protected from break-ins. This is also true for the lighting in your backyard and patio. 22% of burglaries use the home’s back door as an entry point, so it’s vital not to overlook this area.

Lighting is one of the most critical parts of deterring break-ins. You can update your patio with various security lighting options that are both stylish and functional. Most intruders value not getting caught above anything else. Therefore, simple motion lights can do wonders to deter any attempt to enter your home.

You can keep your home much safer with hardscape lighting for your backyard design. This is why it’s best to choose hardwired lighting rather than temporary or after-market solutions. You need to depend on your lighting to work reliably and consistently, which hardwired lighting can achieve.

7th State Builders Can Help With Your Hardscape Lighting Needs

If you’re starting a project in your backyard, you can trust the experts at 7th State Builders to handle everything. We can provide stunning paver patio design, built-in lighting, and other details. You can also update your current hardscape with many attractive lighting options. Reach out today for your free estimate.