Make Your Outdoor Space Winter-Friendly with These Great Ideas

Your outdoor living spaces are a wonderful place to enjoy quality time with family and friends. However, many outdoor space ideas focus more on summer than year-round entertainment. If you would like to enjoy your outdoor living areas every day of the year, consider these outdoor space winter-friendly ideas:

Stay Warm with a Custom Fire Pit

If you’re looking for new outdoor space winter-friendly ideas in Maryland, then you’re well acquainted with our winter weather. One of the biggest barriers to enjoying your outdoor living areas throughout the winter is the cold. Average lows can reach 24 degrees in January, making the evenings truly frigid. However, that doesn’t mean you must stay indoors when entertaining guests.

A gorgeous patio fire pit can be the perfect solution to let you enjoy the brisk night air while keeping you and your guests comfortably warm. Fire pits make a winter outdoor space practical in just about any weather conditions here in Maryland. You can enjoy a cozy evening around a roaring fire under the starry winter sky with the right patio furniture.

Of course, you can also get plenty of use out of your fire pit year-round. That makes a fire pit one of the best outdoor space ideas for any homeowner.

Stay Cozy with a Patio Pavilion

Pavilions are a common sight throughout Maryland backyards. They offer shelter from elements of all kinds and a cozy gathering area. While they keep you out of the sun in the summer, they can also be as useful in the winter.

A backyard pavilion provides a convenient gathering space on chance warm days throughout the winter. When the weather is nice, you don’t want to waste time shoveling out patio furniture. A pavilion provides a roofed area safe from wetter weather, letting you seize any day throughout winter.

A pavilion can also let you enjoy the unique atmosphere of a light snowfall without getting wet. You can sip a hot drink on comfy patio furniture and watch a winter wonderland take form around you.

Blur the Line Between Indoor and Outdoor with a Sunroom

If you’re committed to finding the perfect winter outdoor space ideas, you should consider the benefits of an enclosed sunroom. A sunroom is a structure attached to your home that encloses a new or existing patio. A sunroom provides the highest level of protection from the elements. You won’t have to worry about rain or snow affecting your gatherings.

However, most sunrooms aren’t climate controlled, although options are available. Even without heating, sunrooms are kept naturally warm by their namesake — the sun. Most sunroom designs incorporate large windows that allow significant natural light, warming the area. This makes most winter days and evenings very pleasant, taking off the edge of the chill outside.

And a sunroom can also come in handy during the warmer months. Then, rain or shine, you’ll have a place to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with insects like mosquitos. A custom sunroom can include many features catered to your unique style. It’s also a great investment in your home, providing lasting value. So while a sunroom might bend the definition, it’s certainly among the best outdoor space ideas.

Find Out Which Outdoor Space Ideas Work for Your Home

Are you looking to update your home’s outdoor living areas with some great new features for winter? 7th State Builders provides various outdoor space solutions, such as patios, fire pits, pavilions, and sunrooms. We offer countless design options to find the perfect solution for your home. Contact our professional team for a free estimate on your next project today.