Why Winter is the Perfect Time for a New Patio Paver

If you want to build a paver patio for your spring and summer enjoyment, the best time to start its construction is in the winter. In addition to the timing, there are many reasons to make your paver patio a winter project. As you begin designing your winter patio project, you’ll find that these benefits will make your project easier and more cost-effective.

Your Landscaping Will Stay Protected

Undertaking a paver patio construction in the spring or summer means working when plant life and foliage thrive. This increases the risk of killing grass, harming flowerbeds, or causing damage to your landscaping. In the winter, plant life is dormant. So, the effects of building a winter paver patio and adding hardscaping have a minimal impact on your property.

And you might think, wait, isn’t it too cold? Luckily in Maryland, our winters are pretty mild, and temperatures fluctuate. Therefore the ground doesn’t stay frozen, and we can still build throughout the fall and winter months.

You Can Spend Less & Afford More

When designing your paver patio in the spring or summer, higher costs and greater demand make projects cost more. Even when choosing options that fit your budget, you might face longer wait times in obtaining those materials. That can limit your design options. You won’t face these issues when building your paver patio in the winter. Since the winter is the off-season, you have the potential to save more money. The supplies and building materials are easier to come by and have less potential to be out-of-stock or on backorder.

In addition, if you save more, you can therefore make your budget include more features since winter is ideal for getting your materials faster and at a lower cost. This can help you build a more luxurious paver patio with the extra features you really want.

Enjoy Your Paver Patio Sooner & Ready for Spring

When you schedule the construction of your paver patio for earlier in the fall or winter, you get it done earlier. Then, depending on the weather, you can use your new paver patio as an extra entertaining area around the holidays. But even if you start after the holidays, you still get your paver patio done sooner than later.

Starting the construction of your paver patio in the spring will mean waiting to use it for several weeks or longer during favorable weather. However, when your construction contractor begins your project early in the winter, they can have it ready by the time ground begins to thaw. This means you can start using your paver patio as soon as the temperatures become more pleasant.

You’ll Get Closer Attention & Fewer Distractions

We will start by saying that no matter the time of year, we stand by our quality of work. Still, we just are simply busier during warmer months. If you undertake a paver patio project in the winter, we undoubtedly have more time to devote to your project. This usually means quicker deadlines.

Also, people tend to spend less time outdoors in the winter. This means your yard will probably remain empty and unused as everything is being built. The work will go faster with fewer distractions, and that will also help reduce the time it takes contractors to finish the project.

Quicker Response Times for Permits

An inconvenient part of building a paver patio is the need to obtain building permits from your city, HOA, and other organizations. There may be other homeowners in your community submitting similar requests for home remodeling or paver patio constructions. You can avoid delays in starting the construction of your paver patio when these organizations aren’t backed up with summertime requests.

Leave Your Winter Paver Patio Construction to Us!

When you want to build a beautiful paver patio, 7th State Builders can help you get the high-quality results you expect. To request a free estimate for your paver patio in Maryland, contact us online today.