The Best Upgrades to Increase Home Value

White walls, sparkling tile, fresh hardwood. It’s time to upgrade your house to the living space you’ve always dreamed of. And, why not start with the best upgrades to increase your home value? With over 20 years of experience in home remodeling and building in Maryland, 7th State Builders can help you transform your house into a home you love.

According to recent studies, homeowner spending on remodeling projects reached $424 billion in 2017. Although, not all projects will give you the best return on your investment. It helps to know which remodeling projects to invest in first. So, get inspired and stay up to date with the best upgrades to increase the value of your home below.

Start with Exterior Upgrades

Exterior home projects that add curb appeal tend to produce the highest return on your investment. Below, you’ll see the leading exterior upgrades to increase your home’s value.

1. Redo Your Roof

upgrades to increase home value roof reno

With 107% of value recovered, new roofing is one of the top return-on-investment projects for your home.

Roof replacement is one of the top upgrades to increase home value according to the National Association of Realtors. If you’ve lived in your home for more than 10 years, it’s time to consider redoing your roof. Additionally, we advise working with a certified professional to ensure your roof will withstand Maryland’s all-season weather.

2. Paint the Exterior of the Home

A fresh paint job can instantly transform the outside of your home and immediately boost its curb appeal. Specifically, choose neutral colors, such as off-white, gray, and taupe, as they’re the best option for resale value. However, painting the exterior of your home is not a DIY project and will require professional painters to ensure the job is done right.

3. Add a Deck or Patio to the Backyard

Add a composite or wood deck onto your home to increase its resale value and recoup nearly 70% of your investment.

Consider adding on a deck or patio to increase your home’s value in 2020. Interestingly, remodeling reports show that homeowners make back 72% of their costs if they opt for a wood deck. Or, 69% of your cost if you opt for composite decking. Either way, 7th State has experience in building both. Check out one of our extraordinary projects involving a second-story composite deck build in Accokeek, Maryland.

4. Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

Install energy-efficient windows to increase your home’s value. In fact, 85% of home buyers report that heating and cooling costs are strongly considered during the buying process. But, keep in mind, if you plan to install energy-efficient windows, check with your contractor to ensure they are Energy Star certified.

Get Stylish and Update Your Interior

Simple interior updates to the most-used rooms in your home will keep initial costs down while increasing your return on investment. Above all, it’s important to keep function and style top of mind when it comes to interior upgrades.

1. Install Hardwood Floors

Flooring is one of the first areas of the home that begins to show wear and tear. As a result, it is one of the best upgrades to increase your home value. Even more, installing hardwood floors or refinishing your existing hardwood are two of the top interior projects for a 100% return on your investment.

2. Replace the Kitchen Cabinets

upgrades to increase home value Bathroom reno

With a 58% return on investment, bathroom renovations are one of the best upgrades to increase your home value.

We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. Look around, do you see anything that needs to be updated? For instance, cabinets are an easy place to start. Not to mention, you’re likely to make back over 75% of your investment if you choose to do so.

3. Turn a Bathroom Shower into a Walk-in

Modernize your bathroom with a walk-in shower. Walk-ins offer mobility and accessibility while instantly adding a fresh, new look. Accordingly, with a 58% return on investment, bathroom renovations are one of the most common upgrades to increase your home value.

Let 7th State Builders Upgrade Your Home

Needless to say, upgrading your home is always a smart investment decision. And we hope the aforementioned home projects fair to be the smartest for your wallet. Of course, once you’ve decided on a project, call on 7th State Builders to help you achieve your vision. From renovations, painting, flooring, window upgrades, and more, we do it all. Contact us today for a free estimate.