2022 Fun & Frugal Home Renovation Trends to Explore

If you’re like the average family, you might have spent a lot of time in your home in the past year. If you’re ready to make a change in the year ahead, take advantage of some of this year’s fun and affordable home renovation trends to make your house more functional, energy-efficient, and stylish.

Top Home Renovation Trends for 2022

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to durable flooring or create a dreamy, spa-like bathroom, here are a few of the home renovation trends to watch for 2022:

Herringbone Flooring

Few things in a house are more practical than high-quality flooring. Herringbone patterns for flooring are making a huge comeback in 2022. With roots dating back to the Roman Empire, this eye-catching design choice is trendy and timeless! Want to be on the cutting-edge of the 2022 housing renovation trends? Consider pairing herringbone floors with complementary geometric patterns on your backsplashes, rugs, or accent walls.

Home renovations - Kitchen Islands

If two islands seem like a lot, try one big one. It can provide more seating and storage in your kitchen.

Entertainment-Ready Kitchens

Kitchens are undeniably becoming the new entertainment hotspot in the house. One of the most popular kitchen design trends? Two islands! With this approach, one of the islands is for meal prep, while the other is for gathering and entertaining. Duel islands is an excellent solution for families who love to play games together or enjoy a spread for a big game! Double islands can also be incredibly useful for those who work remotely or families that want a place to do homework after school.

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

With social distancing becoming the norm, outdoor leisure is more popular than ever. Unsurprisingly, homebuyers who are looking for incredible outdoor areas have increased from 61 percent to 70 percent in the past year! So in 2022, go above and beyond with stunning backyard retreats. Add a vast outdoor fireplace, a cozy patio, or even a bar.

Increase in Sustainability

Homes built with the environment in mind can reduce ongoing costs for maintenance, minimize your utility bills, and provide a great return on investment. If you’re planning to renovate a home in 2022, consider using eco-friendly construction materials, including stone and brick. In addition, take advantage of natural components, such as reclaimed woodwork and low-maintenance floors on the interior. If you live in Maryland, you can even look for water-loving plants for landscaping for the exterior.

Home Renovation Trends - Basement

Basements don’t have to be boring. You can break it up with livable multi-use sections. Have a reading nook, an office, and a movie area. All functional and looks great!

Multi-Functional Rooms

Single-purpose spaces are out of style. Home renovation trends in 2022 include cleverly designed multipurpose spaces. In 2022, homeowners and designers are creating double-duty spaces. Garages are doubling as workshops, while home offices might also serve as a guest room. With a little creativity, the options are endless.

Luxurious Bathrooms

The average bathroom is a little uninspiring. In 2022, this will change. In the last several years, there’s been a 10-15% growth in bathroom sizes in the average home. Whether your bathrooms are big or small, consider adding a taste of luxury to your space with designer lighting and unique plumbing fixtures in materials like rose gold. Neoclassical fluted millwork with contemporary stacked vertical tiles will become very popular in the coming year. After all, having a spa-like bathroom is a great way to have a little getaway in the comfort of your own home.

Ready to Start Your Remodel?

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