Screened In Patio in Maryland Homeowner’s Backyard

Initially, the homeowner approached us to have a paver patio out their back door. However, they decided to do a screened-in patio after further consideration. And that’s not unusual for two reasons. First, homeowners don’t always know all their options. Second, it’s Maryland, and we have a lot of bugs.

Let’s talk about the first part for a second. While it’s easy to look at Pinterest and the internet for great backyard hardscapes and designs, you don’t always know what you don’t know. What do we mean by this? We mean, not everyone knows all the possibilities and options you have to customize your backyard. That is why we find our consultations so crucial to the process. Of course, it’s always great to see homeowners who know exactly what they want. Still, it is just as fun to help them customize a design that works for their needs and home.

Now for the second part, we live in Maryland. Bugs, seasons, and outside elements are unavoidable. Especially when outside. Nevertheless, we love enjoying our outdoor areas. A great compromise to this is a screened in patio or porch for this homeowner that made more sense for their lifestyle and how they wanted to enjoy the space. So, let’s see what we did to create this beautiful screened in patio.

Making of the Screened In Patio

First, we started with installing a stone paver patio. The homeowners picked Alpine Contemporary paver with an Old Viana Inlay in a Raven color. Next, the border was done in a Rustico 6 x 9 Oceanic Blue. This included four steps coming out of the back door. From there, we started on the screened in part.

We built a screened in porch with a gable roof. We matched the roof shingles from the house, installed white facia around the roof and gutters. In addition, we put in a customer-provided ceiling fan, four recessed lights, and a GFI outlet. All of these features will help the homeowners to enjoy the area even more throughout the year. The homeowners were thrilled with the results. Check out our portfolio if you want to see even more after pictures.

In the end, they have a great outdoor entertainment area for themselves and guests. It also allows them to use that back door to the backyard. This is an excellent option for families that don’t have a fence, have little ones who want to play outside safety, or want protection from the elements.

Don’t Know What You Want? We Can Help!

Don’t let indecision about the design stop you from getting the backyard you deserve. We are not only the build experts but design ones too. We have worked with homeowners all over Anne Arundel and Southern Maryland. So not only can we show you examples, but we can design something custom for your home. And it’s what we love to do!

7th State Builders started to help homeowners with projects just like this. We saw a need for quality design and build for home renovations. Many companies approach it as a one-size-fits-all. Our philosophy is that every home is unique, so every project is too. If you want to see some options and have a no-obligation consultation, give us a call today. Also, check out our Facebook page for even more inspiration.