Maryland Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

Did you know Maryland was the seventh state to become a state? Hence our namesake. Agriculture has played an important part in the state’s history. So, it’s not uncommon to come across renovated farmhouses or those looking to remodel farmhouses. It’s a piece of history and is a great way to make something old into something new. However, with older structures comes not so easy remodeling projects. For this Maryland farmhouse bathroom remodel, that was no different.

While the bathroom was not a new addition, they used cast iron plumbing when it was put in. A brief history of this would this bathroom was created (or at least the plumbing) between the 1930s and the 1970s/80s. Around this time was when manufacturers changed to new materials. So while fixtures might have been updated over the years, the general layout/structure was pretty old. However, the homeowner wanted to make better use of the space and increase the size of the bathroom anyway, so it was a great time to update the plumbing.

Maryland Farmhouse Remodel Details

The plumbing wasn’t the only update, though, far from it. Since the homeowner wanted to expand the bathroom square footage, we decided to utilize the closet space that adjoined the bathroom. We started the process with a complete demo of the bathroom, closet, and wall between. Once we opened up that space, we could relocate and update the plumbing. This made way for a new stand-up shower and standalone tub. It seems simple when we say demo as we punch holes and build again. But in actuality, it takes a lot more than that. Here are some of the tasks in this demolition process:

  • Remove wallpaper, plaster, and get drywall back to paint-ready condition.
  • Take out and relocate the vent stack that was in the closet.
  • Permanently remove and cap off the radiator in the hallway.
  • Remove the closet door and framing and bring to a paint-ready condition.
  • Demo the tile on the floor and wall, take out the sink, toilet, and shower tray.

Even after all that, we then went into the installation phase. But these were behind-the-scenes installations:

  • Install hot/cold water supply line and new drain for the standalone tub.
  • New plumbing to accommodate a double sink vanity.
  • Move and replace hot/cold water supply line for new stand-alone shower location.
  • Move the cold water supply to the exterior wall for the toilet.
  • Put in a new appropriate subfloor to support all tiling.
  • Install new green board throughout the bathroom.
  • Ran electric for new light fixtures, two GFIs, and an exhaust fan.
  • Put in a PVC drain to room on the backside of the bathroom for future washer and dryer.

A Finished Farmhouse Bathroom

We did all that before we even got to the finishing materials. Sometimes that is the easiest part. Once everything is demoed, and we update the materials that are behind the scenes, so to speak, the cherry on top is finalizing the look. For this Maryland farmhouse bathroom remodel, the homeowner had a specific look in mind. They picked a bold tile flooring we provided and installed. We also put in:

  • Base tile around the premier of the bathroom and a marble threshold in the doorway.
  • 60-inch double bowl vanity with a 12″ drawer base in the middle and tall storage cabinetry.
  • A new white Kohler toilet and freestanding tub with a faucet.
  • 60 x 32 white dream line fiberglass acrylic shower pan and semi-frameless clear glass shower doors.
  • Tile three walls to the ceiling in shower with customers-selected tile.
  • A new barn door for the bathroom entrance.

It all came together, and the new layout really utilized the space well. The homeowner got the luxury they were looking for too.

Should You Call 7th State Builders or DIY?

Here is why we took the time to list what goes into a complete bathroom remodel. It’s not simple. And while there are plenty of people that have the skill sets or might only need to hire people for specific tasks, it’s still a lot to take on. With 7th State builders, we take it all off your shoulders. We have trained professionals for every step of the process, including plumbing, electrical, drywall, tiling, and more. That is why for this Maryland farmhouse bathroom remodel, it just made sense for us to do it all.

And we like to also frame it in a different context. What else can you be doing with your time? When this takes us a couple of days, how many weekends would you need to give up to remodel a bathroom? Do you need to buy new tools to do it, or would you need to buy some? In the end, is it really cost-efficient for you to DIY a bathroom remodel? If you rather not deal with the hassle, let us do it for you. Call us today to get a free, no-obligation estimate on the cost of your remodel.