All You Need to Know About a Bathroom Remodel

It’s nice to browse through Pinterest, picking out your favorite bathroom designs. Yet, the actual bathroom renovations themselves can be daunting. There is a marriage between form and function that needs to fit into your budget. A bathroom remodel does not need to be daunting. That is why we wanted to put together a guide of sorts. If you are looking to redo or even add a bathroom, here are some factors to know beforehand.

1. Bathroom Remodel Costs

Let’s get down to the brass tax of remodeling first – your budget. There is no definitive range because there are just so many details that can affect renovation costs. However, on the low end, we can generally say you are looking at $1,500-$5,000. This includes less expensive materials, smaller bathrooms, and working with many elements already in the bathroom. On the high-end, you can spend well over $20,000.

Our recommendation is to spend no more than 5-10% of your home’s value on a bathroom remodel. Beyond that, you are spending too much. And for many, that is already a hefty price tag. If you are looking for options, give us a call, and we can help plan out a bathroom remodel in your budget.

2. DIY vs. Contractor

Obviously, as contractors ourselves, we are going to suggest you go with experts. However, if you are looking to do minor updates, like painting, updating the mirror, possibly tiling, and you feel confident in your abilities, by all means, do it. It will save you money. Funny enough, though, hiring a contractor isn’t your most considerable cost. Many of your expenses come from fixtures, plumbing, and counters/surfaces. These can cost more for Harry, the Homeowner, than Carl, the Contractor.

If you are doing significant layout changes or more extensive renovations, we recommend hiring a contractor. Having experts in plumbing, electrical, and installation saves you time and, therefore, money. Investing in a contractor allows you a certain peace of mind too. You don’t have to worry about common mistakes that happen when doing bathroom remodels.

3. Consider Upgrades

Bathroom RemodelNow’s the time, if any, to spend money on things that will make your life easier. Improved lighting, recessed or added medicine cabinets, and space-saving features. These aren’t just great for you, but also for potential buyers. You don’t always need the statement bathtub. Or, maybe that is exactly what you want. Consider updating shower fixtures or getting a modern toilet. Figure out what aspects you frequently use, and spend money on those.

A few features we see homeowners love include:

  • heated floors
  • timer exhaust fan
  • lighting in shower
  • new or additional outlets
  • heated towel racks

These are just some ideas. Less exciting, but just as important is updated plumbing and electrical. The most significant impact can be on your surfaces. Not to mention, changing the wall color and updating tile throughout can change the room completely.

4. Optimize Your Space

This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how much storage and layout are the last things considered. Such as, don’t make your toilet the first thing people see. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing and can kill the relaxation vibe. Also, bathrooms are hyper-functional and need storage space from places to put your shampoo to your toilet paper. Overall, these details are essential.

And, optimizing your space isn’t just for smaller bathrooms. This should be considered, no matter the square footage. Is it your master bath? Do you need space to get ready in it? Or, is it the main bath, and only guests use it? These will help you decide on how to get the most out of your bathroom.

Start Your Bathroom Remodel Today

At 7th State Builders, we help a lot of homeowners upgrade their existing bathrooms. From master en suites to the main bathroom, we bring our expertise to every project. A new or improved bathroom can make all the difference in living in your home. It can also help sell your home too. If you are considering remodeling, give us a call. Our team will walk you through costs, objectives, and all your options. Also, we now offer financing options! So, contact us today.


  1. I like the idea of having some shower lighting in my bathroom in order to improve the ambiance. I like taking hot showers after a long day so I think making that part of the day more relaxing is something I should look into. I will try to focus a lot in improving my shower when hiring bathroom remodeling services.

    • Adding shower lighting can definitely enhance the ambiance and create a more relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. It’s wonderful to prioritize making your shower experience more enjoyable, especially after a long day. When hiring bathroom remodeling services, be sure to discuss your vision for an upgraded shower area.