New Front Landing in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

It may seem like a simple job but even the small ones can make a big impact. Take this new front landing in Upper Marlboro. The house had an all-brick circular landing. The style originally matched the house. Now, over time, it had become damaged and broken. When we spoke with the homeowners, they originally wanted to just redo the brick landing. However, we suggested something different.

Why? First, it is nearly impossible to match new brick with existing brick. In our experience, the results are never as great as they are imagined. Secondly, we noticed they had a grey roof. This inspired us to use that color as an accent. Our recommendation was to use Nicolock Holland stone pavers in a marble blend color.

New front landing using Nicolock Holland stone pavers.

As you can see, the new front landing really stands out. Working with the homeowners, we ended up also expanding the landing area. Also, they requested a matching walkway to the landing. Paver stones were used because of their durability. They are crack-resistant and are less likely to become damaged with the ever-changing weather in Maryland.

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