New Front Door and Landing Before & After

It’s easy to overlook a space we pass through daily. However, your front door is of vital importance. This is the ultimate space where form meets function. Not only does it need to keep the weather out and unwanted visitors, but it is also the center of your home’s curb appeal. It’s no surprise that front door replacements provide the highest rate of return on any home upgrade investments. That is why we want to show you how drastically a new front door and landing can look with this before and after.

The Old Look

This waterfront property, located in the neighborhood of Stoney Creek in Pasadena, Maryland, needed a new door and landing. As you can see, the original door, frame, landing, and steps were severely aged. Years of usage lead to irreversible damage. Needless to say, it was falling apart. Not only did this damage not look great but it was a cause for safety concerns. The previous lumber we pulled out was not properly treated. And, with the amount of rain we get in Maryland, specifically on waterfront properties, this was a major misstep for whoever installed it.

The New Look

The homeowner was eager to get started on a new look, with materials that were sure to last. 7th State Builders takes every job, big and small, with the same dedication to quality work. We re-trimmed the door frame with ground-penetrating treated lumber. For the new front door, we installed a Lakewood pre-finished fiberglass door. Working with the homeowner, it was decided to go with a Shoreline composite decking for the landing and steps. Shoreline white vinyl railings and black aluminum balusters were also installed to complete the look.

Moreover, it was decided during the build to add a roof overhang. This would allow for more weather protection and a more completed look. We matched the roof shingles to the existing roof. While the end result is beautiful, our main objective was to install appropriate materials that could hold up to future wear and tear. Not to mention, all the materials used were low to no maintenance needed.

If you are looking for a new door, landing or other remodeling projects, contact us today. At 7th State Builders, we make sure to work within your budget and provide quality work. Visit our blog or gallery to see a selection of our work. Also, you can also see our services page to see all we can do.