Front Porch Rebuild in Maryland

As we are in quarantine, more homeowners are at home realizing some things just need to be updated. This was no different for this Maryland homeowner. The existing front porch had settled over time. This caused the porch to be offset from the concrete steps. It also was making the roof sink. In addition, the latticework was damaged. This wasn’t just aesthetically unpleasing but posed real safety issues. That is why we did a front porch rebuild. Keep scrolling to see the results.

Front Porch Rebuild in Maryland Before


Our first step was demolition. We removed the existing front porch. Then we had to jack the roof back up, leveling it, and supporting it. As you can see in the picture below, it was decided to keep the existing concrete steps.

Porch Rebuild in Maryland During Roof

From there we started building the new porch. We used wood decking and vinyl posts/railings. New footings were put in and build around the existing concrete pilings. The front porch rebuild was to the same dimensions as the original.

The outcome was not only beautiful, but it was also safe. New trim and lattice were added to complete the look. If you notice from the first photo, the porch only had one hand railing, which was a different color than the porch railings. For our completed front porch rebuild, we added handrails to both sides. This not only met safety regulations, but it also tied in with the entire look.

As you can see the result was stunning. It’s amazing how just updating the front porch materials create instant curb appeal.

New a New Front Porch?

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