6 Creative Tips on How to Use Your Sunroom Patio for Extra Living Space

If your home has a sunroom patio, you might not be sure how to use that part of your home. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination. There are many ways to make your sunroom a desirable extra living space, and you can use your sunroom in more ways than one. Here are a few ideas on how you can transform your sunroom.

1. Create a Relaxing Spa Area

Your home should be where you can relax and feel detached from stress. Having a dedicated space, like a sunroom, to meditate, practice yoga, or just have a hot cup of tea could accomplish just that. Fill the room with beautiful plants, a water feature, and other decor that inspires relaxation. You can add yoga mats, cushioned chairs, and other elements to help you relax. Don’t forget to bring in a stereo or MP3 player. Listening to relaxing or inspirational music will enhance your experience.

2. Have a Sunshine-Filled Office

Whether you work remotely on a full-time or part-time basis, you should create a home office that you enjoy. Turning a sunroom patio into a home office won’t take much effort, leaving you with a brightly lit place to work. Instead of having four white walls, you can have lots of windows and outdoor to look at. Bonus: put some bird baths and feeders right outside so you can enjoy seeing wildlife while you work. However, make sure to position your desk in a way that will reduce glare on your computer.

3. Designate Your Sunroom for Entertaining

Having extra living space is always a plus, especially if you have a family and entertain friends. If you like to entertain guests, the sunroom in your home may be the ideal place for social gatherings. A sunroom atmosphere allows your guests to enjoy a view of the outdoors without exposing themselves to insect bites and unpleasant weather conditions. You could also have this easily transition into an outdoor patio if you like to host cookouts and bonfires.

4. Set Up Your Personal Gym

You can turn your extra living space into a gym to help you and your family stay physically fit. A remodeling contractor can help you install a matted floor that absorbs the impact of physical activity. Bring in a treadmill, weightlifting machines, and other gym equipment. As you exercise, the extra sunshine will give your body extra vitamin D. Because most people lack sufficient quantities of this vitamin, the additional exposure will be beneficial.

5. Add a Playroom for the Kids

Consider using your sunroom to design a playroom. This enclosed extra living space option will help you keep a closer eye on your kids while they play. Additionally, a designated space for toys and games will keep them from getting underfoot. Involve your kids in designing their new playroom. Let them help you pick the wall color, storage bins, and furnishings. After all, you’ll want to create an environment they enjoy.

6. Turn Extra Living Space into a Second Family Room

You don’t have to have a specific use for your sunroom. It can be just another living space where your family and guests gather. Add warm lighting, furnishings, and electronics. If your children like gaming, set up their console. When no one is playing, your family and guests can watch television and movies or listen to music. Your sunroom may also be an excellent place for family members to pursue hobbies. Turn it into an art studio, music room, or an area for reading and writing. In the evenings, your family can gather together to enjoy the sunset.

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