Awesome Deck Design Inspiration You Will Love

Okay Maryland, let’s talk deck design. Lately, we have talked a lot about porches, but now we need to go to the backyard. Especially now, since we have been staying home more these days. Decks are a great extension of living space for your home. They allow you to enjoy the great outdoors and relax, plant a small garden, or eat outside for dinner.

However, it isn’t just a functional living space. Having a deck actually increases your property value. But, given that you are looking for deck design inspiration, you probably already realize all the benefits. So, let’s talk about layout and designs for your home.

Classic Deck

Inspiration Classic Deck

This might be a classic deck but the materials make it anything but traditional.

Let’s start with the basics. When most people think of a deck, they think of a deck that is three-sided. Typically, classic decks are off the second story. Some may have stairs to the backyard, but more than not, they don’t. In Maryland, these decks can be easily found on townhouses. So, what is so inspiring about a classic deck? Well, it might not be the layout itself, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be impressive.

Decking materials have come far from your basic wood structures. With vinyl and composite materials options, classic decks can be a modern inspiration. And, your railing options are endless. You can go with a classic style or take in more of the view with wire/cable options. Just because it’s classic doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

No Railing Deck

No Railing Deck

We love this no railing deck example because of how they use the length of the deck as stairs.

There is something beautiful and streamlined about no railing decks. However, it is important to know, not all decks can be no-railing. There are specific height and code requirements that dictate what decks need railings and which ones do not. This all really depends on HOA rules and state/local codes. Still, the general rule is that anything below 30 inches above ground level can be made without a rail.

Also, it is important to note, these aren’t patios. They aren’t built into the dirt. They are still made to hover above the ground. You can also include multiple tiers to avoid bigger drop-offs and allow for more entertaining space. We love this look for houses that want to section off parts of their deck. For example, have a seating area with a fire pit in one area and a dining area in another. It also allows you to fully take in the view.

Two-Tiered Deck/Patio

Covered Deck

Another design to consider is a covered deck. This can be great for all-weather entertainment.

This is great for people who want a way to go from their second-story kitchen to the backyard with ease. And, there isn’t just one way to do this look. You can have a deck up top, with stairs going down to a lower deck. Or, you can have the stairs going down to a patio space. Maybe the upper part is screened in, and the lower part is not. Honestly, there are a lot of options.

The key takeaway with this design is usability. Maryland has many split foyers, so this is a great design for homes like that. You can still go outside from upstairs or downstairs and enjoy the outdoor living space. It’s a great way to add value to your home and make it more enjoyable.

Wrap-Around Deck

Inspiration deck wrap

This wrap-around deck shows that sometimes houses aren’t just perfectly square. Often, it makes sense to get more from the length than the depth of the deck.

Not to be confused with a wrap-around porch, these are not a complete 360 around the home. These usually wrap a corner of the house, typically the back and side of the home. They can also wrap around both sides and the back, but not quite go to the front of the house. There are a number of reasons one might want to consider this design.

For starters, if you have a longer house but a shallow backyard, it allows you to make up for space in length and not depth. Or, it is possible your home is not perfectly square. Therefore, putting up a square back deck would just make the whole aesthetic look out of place. Then, there is just wanting more entertainment space but not wanting a full wrap-around porch. All great reasons. We particularly love these decks for waterfront homes or those overlooking a wooded area.

Want More Deck Design Options?

We can help! Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list of deck designs. Really your imagination is your limit. If you aren’t sure what you want, 7th State Builders has plenty of ideas to help you. We work with homeowners in Maryland to replace, build brand new ones, or remodel/expand their existing decks. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your deck design.