3 Reasons Now is the Time to Install a Fence

A fence offers so much more than curb appeal to a home. They provide a clear boundary around your property and keep intruders and wild animals at bay. Fences also help keep children and pets from wandering where they shouldn’t. Without a doubt, putting up a new fence can be costly in some instances. However, if you install a fence right now, during the off-season, you could save time and money.

Why You Should Install a Fence in the Winter Time

While most homeowners will wait until the spring or summer months to put up a fence, there are benefits to doing so now. Here are some pros for installing a fence in the winter/fall season.

1. You Can Avoid Setbacks and Delays

Renovations can be challenging, and they take time. In the peak season, chances of unforeseen problems, such as material shortages and increased demand for fencing materials, popping up are high.

Even during the off-season, material shortages have already caused a spike in project delays. And, considering the peak season is busiest, we can expect shortages to go through the roof during the spring and summer months. Besides, starting your construction project in the off-season allows you time to accommodate setbacks if they arise mid-construction.

2. The Demand for Materials and Labor is Low

Fence materials and hardware are in higher demand in the spring and summer months. That’s when the majority of homeowners start their home improvement projects. For instance, big-box hardware stores saw a 25%-35% spike in sales during April, May, and June 2019.

By scheduling your fence installation in the off-season, materials are readily available, thanks to decreased demand. You may even score a better price on labor. Many contractors also see a lull in work during the off-season. This means they are often more willing to negotiate their labor costs.

3. Construction Trends Differ in Peak Season

The construction industry is facing a new normal as COVID-19 has interrupted all aspects of society. The virus has made materials scarce and shipping times difficult to predict.

Moreover, the industry is facing massive fluctuations in customer demands and cost pressures for more affordable products and services. So, to lessen the impact of these demands, plan your fence installation for the off-season instead. From readily finding materials and equipment to cut the costs of materials and labor, there’s no better time to avoid some of the unpredictable trends within the industry.

The Fencing Experts in Maryland

Time to Install a Fence

The pandemic has made materials scarce and shipping times difficult to predict. Make sure you plan ahead, more than you typical wood, for projects that you want to be completed in time to enjoy.

Building or remodeling a fence can be an exhausting venture. That’s why you need an expert team at your side to bring your vision to life. 7th State Builders is here to help! From stunning classic white fences to rustic wooden fencing – we’ve got a portfolio of projects you can review.

We carry the following materials:

  • Vinyl fencing – a popular, cost-efficient, and low maintenance material
  • Metal fencing – a practical and secure material with various design options
  • Natural wood fencing – simple and easily customized, this is perfect for a rustic appearance

Whether you need fence installation, maintenance, remodeling, or replacement services, we can make your vision a reality.

7th State Builders is at Your Service

7th State Builders is a licensed home remodeling and building service. With over 20 years of experience in the home improvement industry, we’ve made it our goal to meet our client’s needs. Most importantly, we make them feel like a part of our family. This is why we take the time to get to know you, your needs, and your vision.

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