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Fencing comes in all forms and materials. There are a lot of choices. So, when looking at fences, which one is the right one for you? Let 7th State Builders help you decide. Our professional team can work with you to find the perfect fence for your property. There are many style options to choose from, and we want to install the one that fits your budget and the look you want. To start, decide what material you want.


Vinyl Fencing – Lower on maintenance, vinyl fencing is becoming very popular amongst homeowners. They are also more cost-efficient and hold up to a variety of weather that Maryland can get. While they are typically seen in white, they come in numerous color options. With high durability and low maintenance, you can see why this has become a favorite choice for busy homeowners.

Metal Fencing – Metal fencing includes chain link, wrought iron, steel, and aluminum fencing. These all have a wide array of styles and benefits. Often, metal fences are a practical way to secure an area, such as pools. They can also provide a historic look to a property with more options for ornate styles.

Natural Wood Fencing – While wood fences might seem like the simple option, it is far from. Not only are there many styles, such as dog ear, flat top, gothic, lattice, picket, shadow box, etc., but you can also paint it or leave it natural. It is customizable and many times more affordable for the savvy homeowner. With proper maintenance, a wood fence can last many decades.

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Another thing to consider when choosing a company to build your fence is the expertise and knowledge of HOA rules and county codes. At 7th State Builders, we know that some counties only allow for specific types of fences. We also work within HOA rules and regulations, so your fence looks good and is up to code. Don’t waste your money only to have it taken down if it isn’t up to HOA standards. Have it done right the first time. Contact us today.