The 5 Top Features Your Kitchen Remodel Needs

If you are reading this, it looks like you might be dreaming of or ready for a kitchen remodel. No matter where you are in the process, stop where you are at. We need to talk about some features that you absolutely should consider before moving forward. After all, kitchens are the hubs of the house. It’s important to make sure it not only fits your style but also how your household functions. So, this is what your next kitchen remodel needs, or at least should have.

1. Let’s Go Lighting

Obviously, lighting is a need but for your kitchen remodel it needs more than your basic overhead lights. In today’s kitchen, we need layered lighting. You will have probably already considered your general lighting with recessed lights and a kitchen sink light. However, take it one step further to think about ambient and task lighting.

Ambient lighting can go above the cabinets or by the toe-kick. It’s great for soft night lighting when you need visibility but it doesn’t need to be bright. Bonus if you go with ones that can change color! While task lighting is under cabinet lighting. While it can also be ambient lighting, it is also great for cooking and having extra light on the countertop as you work in the kitchen.

2. Customize Your Cabinets

Your kitchen has to have cabinets. So why not make those cabinets exactly what you need? They can be as simple as making custom sizes for certain appliances or storage. Or as specific as having a customized spice drawer or built-in pan storage. The only limit is your imagination.

It might add a little to your budget but the benefits are worth it. It helps with functionality, efficiency, and keeping your kitchen organized. That saves you time and time is money. At the end of the day, it also adds to you loving your kitchen even more. And when you invest in a kitchen remodel, you should love every bit of it. Even the insides of your cabinets.

3. Signature Sinks

Gone are the days when the sink is an afterthought. It’s no longer the place that just stores your dirty dishes. It is a central point where you clean produce, rinse dishes and catch messes. Kitchen sinks can also make a statement for the style of your kitchen. Such as sleek stainless steel, pretty porcelain, or a great galley sink. Not only is it a practical space but can compliment your kitchen’s overall look.

There are also endless features to pick from too. Single or double basin? Undermount or top-mount? These choices impact the surround countertops and cabinets. So, make sure you get the sink you really want. Many times it’s hard to retrofit a different sink. Not impossible, but definitely more expensive than just getting the one you really want.

4. Reach for the Range

If you are going with a full range, go big. Meaning picking the one that will last and makes you excited to cook. If a commercial gas range is on your want list – do it. If you want a dual oven range – get it. Honestly, there is probably a very good reason you want those and it’s not just aesthetic.

If you are a bakery, that dual oven is a must-have. Maybe you are cooking for a large family, then that larger than the standard range is super helpful. When you decide on large appliances like ranges, you really need to take your lifestyle into consideration. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to reach for the range of your dreams. Make it a reality.

5. Feature Your Fancy

What does that mean? Make sure your kitchen has an element or two that isn’t just about looks but is truly for you. If you are a big gardener, create an herb wall or seed station for getting your plants going. Kitchens are perfect prep stations for this. Or maybe you are an expert entertainer and a wine fridge makes more sense. Some other fun additions to consider:

  • hidden butlers pantry
  • smart facet & lighting
  • one-of-kind backsplash
  • coffee station or bar area
  • colorful cabinets or accents

Complete Your Kitchen Remodel the Right Way

Looking for more ideas? We can help! Start by contacting us today and we can set up a no-obligation estimate. Our sales team member will sit down with you and get to the guts of what you want. That can help you understand the options and possibilities of your kitchen remodel. The experts at 7th State Builders are ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams (inside or out).