How Can Pinterest Help Me With My Home Design?

Home design is for the novice, expert, and homeowner who loves their home. Whichever you are, inspiration is the first step, and you can find that inspiration on Pinterest. Pinterest was born from the idea of inspiring people’s interests through imagery, a place to visually search for images to convey your next home design projects.

Pinterest and Design Inspiration

If you have ever created a Pinterest account, you understand the power of visualizations. And you aren’t alone; nearly 445 million people use Pinterest every month. It’s a great place to view inspirational designs and collect boards of images that speak to you. You can think of it as a digital mood board for your home.

Not only are creating digital boards quicker than physical ones but there are other benefits as well. First, you have endless possibilities when finding links and images on the internet. Second, you can arrange the board by any topic that makes sense to you. Maybe you want to do it by color or by room. You can also organize them by style or add subgroups to a board.

The options are endless. However, you don’t have to go crazy (unless you want to!) when creating your digital mood board. It can be as simple as just pinning images of rooms or looks that draw your eye. In all, Pinterest adds more fun to your home design projects. It allows you to select photos and participate in the design process before meeting with your design contractor.

How Pinterest Helps You and Your Contractors

You’ve gotten started, and love pinning images, but does this help? It does! When we begin consultations and free estimates, our clients often pull out magazines or pictures that inspire them. For us, we see it as just another way to help communicate your wants and needs. And at the end of the day, contractors want to give you results you love.

Pinterest is just one of many ways to help you communicate to designers and contractors your expectations. Having digital mood boards gives a good starting point to help the contractor and homeowner be on the same page. They can also help save time and avoid costly mistakes before the work begins.

For example, you create a kitchen design board that includes mostly white countertops, but you have in mind butcher block countertops. Since the contractor notices this, they render an image of what your ideal kitchen cabinets would look like with the white and butcher block style. Upon seeing it, you realize you are more drawn to the white countertops. And that makes sense, as you’ve mostly pinned white countertops!

Having the board helps the contractor incorporate new or additional options in the beginning, avoiding having to pivot quickly later, which can be costly. The point is that expectations can be agreed upon, aesthetics can be refined, and all of this can be achieved before construction begins.

How to Get Started Making a Digital Mood Board

If you don’t already have one, create a Pinterest account. This takes about 2 minutes or less. Pinterest is free; you can use your desktop or download the app on Apple or Android. Once you log in, start creating simple board titles—for example, Kitchen Ideas, Kids’ Bedrooms, and Decorating the Living Room.

Now, the fun part! Start by using the search function in Pinterest to find the images you will pin to your boards. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Create boards based on specific rooms. (e.g., kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.)
  • Have sub-categories of rooms based on elements you want more detail. (i.e., entertainment center built-in for basement)
  • Consider having an overall aesthetic board. (i.e., include images that give a certain vibe instead of focusing on the elements)

You can now search for images that catch your eye. Keep your search simple, like ‘home design trends 2023,’ and pin those images. You can edit your board pins later and decide on your specific room home designs.

Need Additional Assistance? We Can Help!

Too many images, need help to decide? 7th State Builders offers interior and exterior home renovations; we can help you nail down all aspects of your home design. Contact us today to set up a free consultation. Then, we sit down and help you decide precisely what you want, with no obligation. Also, check out our gallery for even more inspiration!