Stunning New Roofs You Want to See

Many might not think of Maryland as an extreme weather state, but we definitely see our fair share of all 4 seasons. With lots of rain, many heavy winters, and humid as can be summers – we dream of the perfect in-between, fall and spring. Even then, those are short-lived. So, it’s no surprise that your single-family home’s roof takes a beating. And if the weather isn’t enough, you still have other factors that can impact the need for new roofs. It may not have been installed properly or it could just be old or worn. Or sometimes it’s as simple as the roofing color no longer exists and you want to build an addition.

Whatever the reason, roof replacement isn’t a simple DIY project. It’s important to the integrity of the home that it is installed correctly and by a professional. That is why we have completed 5 new roofs we want to show you. From storm-related insurance projects to updating an outdated roof, check them out below.

The Products We Used

On all the roofs below, we exclusively used GAF Roofing products. Why? It’s what they specialize in and they create an unparalleled product. GAF does over 4,000 quality tests on their shingles. This includes extreme weather testing, such as hurricane-force winds, continuous red hot embers, and more water than any given rainstorm. Seems crazy? Check out their video to see for yourself.

When it comes to our clients, we want to make sure they not only get a new roof but have the quality that is worthy of their investment. Check out some of the roofs we have done in the following counties:

  • Calvert County
  • St. Mary’s county
  • Charles County
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Prince George’s County

New Roofs You’ll Love

You know the best part about these roofs, they look a lot alike. Why is that good? Because we provide consistency. At 7th State Builders, we don’t get fancy with stuff that doesn’t need to get fancy. We are professional roofers that can get the job done efficiently and the right way. It doesn’t matter the shape, pitch, or reason you need a new roof.

7th State Builders is a GAF Certified Roofer. If you like the look of these roofs and need a new roof yourself, contact us today for a no-hassle quote. We are local to Maryland, and understand the needs of the homes in this state. Give us a call or fill out our form online.