Roof Replacement Claim: 3 Steps for Homeowners Who Need New Roof

$19.18 Billion. According to the Storm Events Database of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), that’s the cost of damages incurred by property owners because of hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms in the United States in 2020. In Maryland alone, where strong winds and storms are common, property owners had to deal with multi-million dollars’ worth of damages in the past 15 years. This includes roof replacement.

If you are a homeowner who needs a roof replacement after a storm, you might be faced with an average bill of $24,700 to replace your asphalt shingles or about $40,318 for metal sheet roofing. The numbers are mind-boggling to think that there’s a good chance you also have to deal with other damages to what’s perhaps the most significant investment of your life.

How to Get Your Insurance to Pay for Your Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is almost always a not-so-easy juggling act for homeowners. However, the R.I.D. formula, which often works to get rid of your roofing problems, can help. R.I.D. stands for Roofing Contractor, Insurance, and Documentation.

These are the essentials every homeowner needs to remember when claiming for roof replacement, which is not just for cosmetic looks but also for the proper maintenance of your home.

1. Find a Roofing Contractor with Stellar Reputation and Proven Experience

A reputable roofing company will be your best partner and save you from a ton of headaches. So, find a Maryland roofing company that you can trust. Remember that time is always of the essence when it comes to roof replacement. When you miss a step along the way, your homeowner’s insurance may find a reason to deny your claim.

A roofer familiar with insurance claims can help you inspect the damages to your home and gather quality evidence that can prove your claims are valid. This can save you from the scenario where the insurance company will hire an inspector that could have unfavorable results for you. Aside from that, an experienced Maryland roofing contractor will help you protect your roof from further damage, something most insurance companies require.

With the help of a good roofing contractor, the roof replacement process can go smoother. They can help you get enough money from the insurance company so they can do their job well while you focus on the more important things such as preparing for the roof replacement, house repair, and taking care of your family.

2. Know the Details of Your Insurance Coverage

Knowing the details of your homeowner’s insurance is crucial so they don’t find a reason not to cover your roof replacement. Make sure you know the details on how to file a claim. You should also not hesitate to reach out to your insurance agent if you need any clarifications.

Typically, your policy will take care of roof problems and other losses caused by nature or sudden accidents. The insurance might cover all the expenses or only part of the cost of roof replacement depending on several factors. These include your location, what caused the roof problems, the age of the roof, wear and tear issues.

Read your policy to understand better what losses will be covered or excluded. Besides your insurance company, an experienced roofer can help you devise the best approach to get a new roof for your home.

3. Document the Roof Damage Extensively

Another crucial step when claiming for a roof replacement in Maryland is proper documentation of the roof damage.

Make sure you take pictures and videos that clearly show the damages. Your preferred roofing company can help you with this. They can come up with a written explanation of what should be fixed and the costs involved.

Good documentation of the damages will be the foundation of your insurance claim.

The Bottom Line When Claiming for Roof Damage

Remember that your homeowner’s insurance company’s biggest question will be about the cause of the roof damage. Don’t let them off the hook and make sure you have your roof inspected adequately. We can help you with your insurance claim too. 7th State Builders is knowledgeable in working with insurances. Contact us today to find out how you can get your insurance to pay for your new roof. Also, check out our blog for more homeowner tips.