Screened In Paver Patio in Maryland

Initially, the homeowner approached us to have a paver patio out their back door. However, they decided to do a screened-in patio after further consideration. And that’s not unusual for two reasons. First, homeowners don’t always know all their options. Second, it’s Maryland, and we have a lot of bugs. Of course, it’s always great to see homeowners who know exactly what they want. Still, it is just as fun to help them customize a design that works for their needs and home.

In Maryland, bugs, seasons, and outside elements are unavoidable. Especially when outside. Nevertheless, we love enjoying our outdoor areas. A great compromise to this is a screened in patio or porch for this homeowner that made more sense for their lifestyle and how they wanted to enjoy the space. To see what we did to create this beautiful screened in paver patio, read our recent project breakdown.

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