Basement Remodel in Edgewater

For this recent project, we started with an unfinished basement. It had one room with drywalled walls, but the rest had open ceilings to the floor joists and concrete floors. It was being used mainly for storage. However, this was a large basement and had so much potential to be a usable living space. That is exactly what this homeowner had in mind too. So for this complete basement remodel in Edgewater, we separated the area into sections.

When doing large remodeling projects, it is smart to have them broken down into sections. This doesn’t just help with scope but also budgeting. For this basement remodel, we had a bunch of sections. In the end, this didn’t just add more living space but a quality of life. It is a place that fits their lifestyle where they can enjoy themselves with friends and family for years to come. To see what we did to perform this beautiful complete basement remodel and learn more about all the sections we broke this project down into, read our recent project breakdown.

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