5 Ultimate Front Porch Designs – Which Best Fit for Your Home

Do you prefer a canopied entrance or a classic-styled porch? Homeowners find themselves choosing between timber designs, cut stone flooring, and a broad array of columns. Which of these matches the front porch designs in your mind?

Home improvements are seeing an increasing trend despite the pandemic. Repairs and renovations spiked by 3% in 2020. Leafing through these five designs for porches will jump-start your porch renovation or construction process.

1. Classico Screened-in Porticos

Screened-in porticos render covered spaces and improve curb appeal. These front porches are appropriate for homes with spacious front areas. They provide beneficial shade against direct sunlight. They can accentuate the original designs of the house, be it country style, brick-themed, or waterfront. Tap this design if you dream of a large space for outdoor furniture and fixture.

2. The Canopy

Homes with limited spaces are complimented by canopy porches. Canopies supply the door shade and a novel design. This optimizes the contemporary look of the house. This is a cost-effective option for you if you prefer to retain the original architectural features of your home.

3. The Raised Wooden Porch

Elevated houses look best with raised porches. Raised wooden porches showcase a 16th-century vintage appeal that is still popular even today. This design is also suited to houses with a wide front area for up-and-under spaces. Consider this design if your location is prone to flooding. It is also an excellent option if you plan to have a sunroom where you can still view your landscape despite inclement weather. These dual porch spaces are also apt for big celebrations in all types of weather.

4. Hardscapes

Stones are fundamental home designs. Hardscape designs pave way for extra living space and dimension. They reduce soil erosion as they keep the foundation intact. Natural hardscape pavers used in construction and replacement are widely found in cities with water nearby.  This makes hardscape porches effortless to install, repair, and restyle. These porches also render low maintenance and longevity compared to concrete, brick, wood, and steel that are more affected by extreme weather.

5. Customized Door-Appropriate Porches

House construction happens before any home improvement. In this regard, you should select the design which is suitable for the front door look. Does the porch design complement the size and style of the door? Does the porch idea fit the overall aspect of the entryway? Choose the customized door-friendly designs that satisfy every home’s porch needs.

In some cases, homeowners decide to modify their doors to fit the porch design they desire. A customized porch design is still the resolve to these issues.

Front Porch Designs by 7th State Builders

Porch design templates provide a set of choices for people who are planning to build a house. They also offer a line of options for homeowners who are looking for instant home improvement. In either intent, hiring a home repair and remodeling contractor is always a smart choice.

If you need to add the porch you have in mind for your home, go to 7thstatebuilders.com for any of your flooring, remodeling, roofing, and home needs.