Entire Deck Remodel – Fixing Other Contractors Mistakes

It would be a pleasure to say this doesn’t happen often. However, you’d be startled by the sheer amount of homeowners that contact us to fix other contractors’ mistakes. And to completely honest, while we love being busy, this isn’t the reason we want to be busy. As a community of small businesses, home remodeling contractors can really affect each other. One person’s poor communication, bad quality work, and unprofessionalism can make homeowners weary of the rest of us. Again, it might not be so, but we run into this more times than we like to count. Take this entire deck remodel, for instance.

The homeowners contacted us because they were just so unhappy with the results of their deck. It was barely a year old when we got to it and had to completely demo it. That might seem extreme, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. The first deck was unstable, unsafe, and a complete disaster. Any trained professional should have been embarrassed to call that their project. But like so many people, the person who built it wasn’t a licensed contractor. And that happens a lot. Many companies can look professional, even say they are licensed, but are not. Read on to learn more about being licensed and this Entire Deck Remodel.

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