7 Projects 7th State Builders Has Done (That Aren’t Patios)

7th State Builders is a family-owned and operated home improvement business. With over 20 years of experience within this industry, we’ve completed a number of projects throughout Maryland. However, if you check out our Facebook or even our Gallery page, you might think we only do patios.

Although we have a unique talent for paver patios, there are other things we have a knack for building. We treat every project as if we were completing them at our own homes, and what we build is built to last.

Other Kinds of Projects We’ve Done

In an ode to our name, here are seven different kinds of projects that we’ve done before. However, this isn’t all we can do. We are a full-service home improvement company. From replacing roofs to completing remodels, we can help with just about any project you have! Here are seven of those we’ve helped Maryland homeowners out with lately:

1. Garages

Garages have significant function and design versatility. They can not only help with vehicle storage and protection but can do so much more. Having a garage can give your home extra storage, a workshop, a gym space,  and more. Depending on your lifestyle, you can really make your garage anything you want it to be. Here is an example of a garage project we did for a customer who raved on and on after the garage project was completed. It was what they wanted.

2. Basement Remodels

Basements are always great projects because, depending on what you would like them to be, it pushes the boundaries of creativity. Is it purely an entertainment room with games, a theatre room, and do you need to add a bedroom or two, a bathroom, a wet bar, a reading nook, or a home gym? When we remodeled this basement, it was fun to listen to the customer’s dream and make it a reality.

3. Bathrooms

A well-designed bathroom is one of the essential elements of any home. They come in all shapes and sizes. Since they are one of the most trafficked rooms of the house, form, and function are important. Some of our favorite projects are renovating an existing space. For example, this bathroom was outdated. The transformation not only used the space better but gave a whole different vibe. The homeowners were thrilled.

4. Pergolas

Pergolas often get confused with gazebos or pagodas. So, what is the difference? The roof canopy is the critical distinguishing feature between a gazebo, pergola, or pagoda. A gazebo generally includes a permanent roof canopy, while a pergola has an open or opening roof canopy, with pagodas being a combination of the two. We typically build these alongside a paver patio project, such as this one. However, we’ve also done custom pergolas like this one which attaches to the house.

5. Front Porches

Porches can also be called verandas. Actually, we should start calling it that since it sounds fancier. But no matter what you call it, porches are a great feature for a home. You can keep cool, entertain friends, and get out of the elements when entering your home. There is always something special about front porches; they convey a sense of warmth and invitation to come on in. And like any home project, all front porches are different. For example, this homeowner wanted a screened-in front porch to enjoy cool days without the Maryland bugs. We don’t blame them!

6. Second Story Decks

Custom 2nd story decks add architectural character and another outdoor living space. It’s also a great way to access the outdoors from the other rooms on the 2nd floor, like the kitchen, bedroom, and living rooms. Our 2nd story designs depend on our customers’ preferred style and décor taste. What we love most about this specifically, compared to one on the first floor is the potential underneath. As you can see from this build, you can increase your living space both up top and down below.

7. Kitchens

Often called the heart and soul of a home, kitchens are particular to the homeowner’s needs and comfort. Building kitchens are always a fun challenge because the possibilities are endless. We love working with our clients to figure out the best use of space and style they love. A kitchen remodel we did last year shows exactly that. The homeowner’s personal style came through in the design choices.

Have a Project We Can Help With?

What do you have in mind for your next home improvement project? Contact 7th State Builders; we have the experts to make your vision a reality. It’s about listening to you, collaborating, asking questions, and making every detail count. That is the difference in the quality of our work.